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Having seen all the leading tourist spots of Dubai, honestly, you should give a more value to your UAE’s tour and visit another remarkable city that is called Al Ain and before visiting it, you should make a bucket list of places that you must visit during your trip to Al Ain and other than awesome attractions, you also find a wide array of restaurants letting you experience the tastes of both traditional and international dishes. Additionally, people with great interest in history can also visit it as it offers a lot to discover the history particularly of this specific region.

The state is also devoted to make this city more tourist-friendly; thus, you find an amazing infrastructure for tourism in the city, so begin hunting this UAE’s city. This write-up gets you the worth-visiting tourist places of Al Ain. This write-up gets you the worth-visiting tourist places of Al Ain. You can also use rent a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for visiting Al Ain which suits your trip requirements to make it more enjoyable.

So begin the journey with knowing precisely about the following tourist spots.

1- Qasr Al Muwaiji

If history attracts you then visiting this amazing fort makes sense and this amazing fort has played a great part in the country’s history and it was built in the early phase of 20thcentury and a large number of foreign visitors depict the popularity of this impressive fort. Furthermore, it is also known as the photo-centric spot; thus, you find lots of social media influencers too while exploring this incredible and historical place. Interestingly, you get amazed of the grand entrance and this fort used to be the home of the ruling family. For having the seamless journeys, it is very important that you hunt the platform of Etihad Airways where you can avail the chance of booking different flights at affordable rates and for making it more budget-friendly, you need to use Etihad promotions.

2- Al Qattara Arts Center

It is also the great place particularly for the ones who love art and yes, the ambience is super attractive; hence, people love visiting it and with being inspired of many traits, you also praise it for its awesome tower made of mud-bricks. Additionally, the state has taken great step for preserving this excellent historical place; thus, dozens of visitors visit this place every day.

3- Hili Archaeological Park

It is another spot to explore the history of this particular Gulf region and with that, you also find it a modern park for a walk and exercises and for a family picnic spot, it is also the incredible place, so do add this park to a bucket list of Al Ain tourist places. Interestingly, this park carries the history of Bronze Age along with revealing the settlement of 2000 BCE with the great ancient toms.

4- Jebel Hafit

It is also the remarkable tourist attraction and yes, for a hiking purpose, you can visit it regularly with awesome hiking tracks and visiting it for both sunrise and sunset is the great experience. Additionally, it is also the right spot for mountain biking and for camping it also has its unique trait, so you should consider it.

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