beaches and ponds

The eastern coast of Corsica, between beaches and ponds

One of the specificities of eastern Corsica is that it has a large plain where citrus groves, olive trees, vines and red kites flourish. If the mountain is not far away, the coast does not have this “cliffy” or mountainous aspect as towards the creeks of Piana. Here, it is rather long sandy beaches dotted with magnificent ponds.

My two visits to eastern Corsica took place during the autumn, so I might as well tell you that swimming and lazing around were not my primary interests.

I was nevertheless able to appreciate beautiful wild and deserted beaches at sunset, rare and precious moments…

The seaside ponds in eastern Corsica are, in my opinion, the big asset of this beautiful coast. I love these transitional spaces between the sea and the land, both teeming with life and a saving calm.

urbino pond

During my two stays, I went to the pond of Urbino. If I went back, it’s because I loved the atmosphere of the place at sunset. Out of season, there was no one there and I was able to revel in the mirror view of the lake, strolling along a wooden boardwalk set up on the shores. At the Urbino restaurant, a kind of peninsula decorated with fisherman’s huts forms a harmonious whole of beauty.

With the mountains in the background, the sea and freshwater birds, the lapping of the water, the exceptional lights reflecting on the water, I did not shy away from my pleasure…

Meeting with the pink flamingos

During my first stay, when the weather was bad in the mountains, the coast was rather clear. So I wanted to take the opportunity to explore the coast. On the advice of Stéphane, a mountain guide (Asarrada), I headed for one of the lakes by the sea, with the intention of visiting other places later in the day.

Corsican pink flamingo

To be honest, I didn’t even know there could be flamingos in Corsica at that time (we were in November).

Being alone and determined to remain very discreet, I approached the colony to spend a long time watching the birds dance on the water and fly away in small groups.

eastern corsican flamingo

That day, I even had the chance to come across an osprey. I’m not ready to forget this nice surprise, it’s always tastier when you make this kind of impromptu discovery.

Pinia, between wild beach and pine forest

Living near Ghisonaccia, by the sea ( at the perla di mare ), I noticed wild beaches nearby while strolling in the evening and a forest massif adjoining these beaches.

After information, this is the Pinia national forest, the last great maritime pine forest by the sea. These coastal forests have become very rare in the Mediterranean, giving this place a special character.

pinia beach

Bordered by a long white sand beach to the east, by the Urbino pond to the north, walking it is a simple pleasure that only the forests can provide for me. I can’t explain why I like to walk alone in the forest so much, maybe this cocoon effect, the soft sounds of nature, the smells, the opportunity to clear my head…

Terrazana natural site

To complete this overview of the eastern coast, I went to the natural site of Terrazana, between the ponds of Terrazana and Diane. This site made up of shrubs, small trees with the specific vegetation of the Mediterranean seaside allows you to rise a little to admire the coast, everything is still in the middle of nature.

This protected site is probably the best place for hiking on the coast in eastern Corsica. Between viewpoints and ponds, seaside and shady paths, there is a superb diversity of landscapes in just a few kilometres.

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