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Teide National Park and its iconic volcano is the very essence of Tenerife. This island, the largest of the Canaries, born from the waves by successive eruptions, presents a dramatic landscape that can be admired in the national park in a thousand ways.

In addition to the ascent to the summit of Teide (by hiking or by cable car), the national park conceals geological treasures to be discovered on foot, by bus, by car and even for the most valiant by bike.

To take full advantage of these discoveries Camping, it is advisable to prepare a little for your visit, certain activities having to be anticipated up to several months in advance… Such as obtaining authorization to go to the summit of Teide. But don’t panic, we explain everything to you, there are alternatives and anyway, it’s lion to be the only thing to see…

Here is our guide to know what to see, what to do in the Teide National Park Camping.

Climbing Teide to the top – how to do it?

The imposing cone of the Teide volcano dominating at 3715 meters leaves no doubt about the volcanic activity, and its surroundings either. Its summit, visible from all over Tenerife, is a call to join it Camping.

Yes but here it is, it’s not that simple, from sea level, to reach the summit, it’s quite a drop, and to make matters worse, the highest crater is quite small, limiting its accessibility Camping.

To allow a greater number of people to enjoy the spectacle and climb the Teide, a cable car has been set up, taking you almost to the summit, at around 3500m Camping.

200 m of vertical drop, it’s not much, you will tell me, except that to cover this last section during the day, you need an authorization, a Camping permit issued drop by drop Camping.

Access to the summit of Teide by day: obtaining the permit Camping.?

One of the essentials of a trip to Tenerife is of course to climb to the top of Teide from where the island and its neighbors are revealed. The Teide crater being quite narrow and its popularity great, its access is regulated in order to preserve the site and ensure the safety of visitors. Only 200 people can discover it every day. To do this, you must apply for a permit to go to the summit, which is free. The problem is that to obtain this authorization, it is necessary to do it several months in advance , even in low season… Having decided at the last minute for this trip to Tenerife, we could not get Camping.?

Obtain the permit to access the summit of Teide Camping.?

If, like us, you are not the type to plan your trips in detail months in advance but still want to reach the summit of Teide, there are two other alternatives.

The first, the simplest and allowing you to climb most of the Teide by cable car or on foot: book the ascent accompanied by a guide. The delays are much shorter, the agencies having reserved places. But it is still better to anticipate as much as possible, especially in high season (December / January and July / August).

Climbing the Teide without a permit: it’s possible, but at night!

Without the permit, there is another possibility to still access the summit of Teide. For this, you have to hike at night in order to arrive before sunrise and leave the summit before 9am. A certain tolerance seems to be applied when the guard is not present to verify authorizations.

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