4 destinations to travel in autumn

I particularly like Autumn. I find that we don’t necessarily think of going on vacation at this season. We can be afraid of the weather, rain, cold, etc. And yet, I find that autumn is an ideal season to discover certain destinations.

Idea n°1: Enjoy Autumn in the Alpes de Haute Provence

A geopark is a territory labeled by Unesco because it has an exceptional geological heritage on an international scale, that is to say that it has sites that are rarely found elsewhere in the world. There is a cross-border project with Italy called “the geological adventure”. It is a project that has made it possible to enhance many geological sites by setting up facilities and didactic panels to encourage the arrival of visitors. A website exists and lists all the major geological sites. You can even discover them in augmented reality or with 360 degree views. There are also many popularized explanations about the formation of the Alps. To this website is added an application which is also called the geological adventure. With these tools,

Idea n° 2: Sologne for a great holiday in Autumn

For the second getaway, complete change of scenery. I take you on wooded walks from ponds to castles in the territory of Sologne. Question fall colors, you will be served because this region is largely wooded. To roughly situate it for you, I would say that it is the territory which is bordered to the north by the Loire, between Blois and Sully sur Loire and to the south by the Cher.

Then I headed towards Cheverny, which is of course known for its unmissable castle. If it is less flamboyant than its neighbours, it offers many events throughout the year, especially during the Autumn holidays for All Saints’ Day. And then, these gardens are superb to visit in all seasons. Let yourself be taken on board by electric cart, then by boat in the domain to marvel at the endless path of redwoods or in front of the bald cypresses whose foliage is bright orange at this season.

Walks from forests to ponds

In autumn, my favorite pleasure is to walk in the forest. I like this moment for the colors, but also for the smell of humus which diffuses more intensely. The humidity sublimates the vegetation. There are many forests in Sologne but some are private. To find out where to hike, I recommend that you check with the tourist offices. You can also call on a naturalist guide from Sologne Nature Environnement, who will be able to explain the specificities of the region and help you observe the animals and birds found ther

Idea n°3: The Causses du Quercy regional natural park

After the east and the center, I take you to the Southwest for another autumn getaway. Direction the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park in the Lot. You have surely already heard of Rocamadour and Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, famous villages of this territory. Here again, the geological wonders were at the heart of our stay. Moreover, this territory is also one of the UNESCO geoparks.

The treasure of the Causses du Quercy

What makes the unique geological character of the Causses du Quercy are its phosphate mines. There are no fewer than 300 of them. These are huge chasms that have been filled in a few thousand years with clay rich in phosphates. Several climatic factors have helped preserve them from erosion, so much so that at the end of the 19th century, the inhabitants discovered them and decided to exploit this useful phosphate in the manufacture of fertilizers.

Idea n°4: The Esterel massif

For this last idea of ​​holidays in Autumn, I take you on the French Riviera to Saint Raphaël and Fréjus. From here you can walk along the coastal path. Accustomed to the wild coasts of Brittany, I was surprised to see it so urbanized. However, this territory does not lack charm. Cape Dramont is a glowing mountain, covered with a pine forest that is encountered on the trail. This is my favorite place, it offers superb views of the sea. At sunset, there is also a superb view of the Ile d’Or which blends beautifully into the landscape.

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