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Finding your feet on a paddleboard for the first time isn’t purely about personal ability or the equipment you have. A great deal of influence also comes from the landscape and location that individuals choose to first embark upon.

Take, for example, an exciting river or a popular harbour. These locations, while potentially great for a paddleboarding experience, can pose a number of challenges to newcomers to the watersport because of various environmental factors. Fast-moving water and the presence of watercraft can be very disruptive and prevent many from feeling comfortable.

As such, first-time paddleboarders will want to choose one of the following six locations instead.

Lord Howe Island

This location is famous for its marine life, coral reefs, volcanic landscapes, and stunning views. Anyone who has visited recently will also be aware that there are a number of paddleboarding groups and tour companies established there too. This is because to experience Lord Howe from the water is unforgettable. So, if you’re looking to make your first time on the water a memorable adventure, Lord Howe might be worth the trip.

Seacliff Beach

Adelaide City hosts an amazing location in its nearby Holdfast Bay. This area is host to Seacliff Beach, which has become synonymous with vast beaches of sand, high tides, and an array of facilities and stays. The water is suitable for beginner paddleboarders and there are quiet places to explore even during the height of summer.

Yardie Creek Gorge

If you are looking to get away from the beach and want, instead, to find your feet further inland, Yardie Creek Gorge is like few other locations. With amazing views from the water, this creek offers placid waters to explore, and allows adventurers to paddle alongside the area’s famous Yardie Creek trail too, a route that tops many Australians’ bucket lists.

Noosa River

With slow-moving and crystal-clear waters, the Noosa River is a sought-after destination for paddleboarders. While it can become a little busy during the summer period, it is worth the journey because making the journey from the north all the way to Noosa Heads offers beauty like no other location.

Point Walter, Perth

If you’re visiting the west coast of Australia, then there are a number of great paddleboarding destinations for you to visit, especially around Perth. However, Point Walter offers some of the best for beginner paddleboarding enthusiasts.Located near Bicton, this area has a number of open water and closed bay locations, allowing paddleboarders to find the exact type of waterscape that works for them, whether this is a serene gorge or an exciting shorefront, perhaps one for SUP surfing.

Setters Beach

The Pilbara region of North Australia remains a hidden gem to many. While the landscape remains rugged, Setters Beach has immensely calm waters and allows paddleboarders to explore vast distances with ease. There is also the prospect of paddling by incredible locations too, such as the ghost town of Cossack, formerly Tien Tsin.

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